5 Examples of Natural Light in Office Interiors

A poll by Future Workplace has found that the most wanted workplace perk is access to natural light and outside views. Apparently, employees prefer windows to other benefits such as on-site childcare, fitness rooms, cafés and free lunches!

It’s no surprise either. Natural light directly impacts on our wellness and comfort in the office. Countless studies, including those from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Northwestern University in Chicago, have found that workers with windows benefit from better sleep, less physical problems, reduced eye strain and improved quality of life.

Natural daylight sets our circadian rhythm, which in turn affects our hormonal balance, behaviour, and biological and mental wellbeing. When workers only have access to artificial lighting, these rhythms are disrupted causing problems with cognitive functioning and emotional health.

How can interior architecture help?

Window access is rarely straightforward in an office with hundreds of people. Interior architects need to be increasingly creative in how spaces are planned and lit, introducing light wells, glass walls and furnishing tricks to bounce light around dark spaces in office fit out projects.

Here are five examples of how natural light is used as a standout feature in office refurbishments around the world.

M2 Office Interiors Window Features
Window Features

Architecturally, these windows form the main feature of the offices, flooding light into the office and offering employees views to the outside nature beyond.

M2 Office Interiors Window Features
meeting rooms
Glass walls and panels

This meeting room, designed by M2 in this office refit, makes the most of the waterside view but also allows others in the workplace to enjoy the vista through the glass walls. Glazed panels allow light to flood a workspace without sacrificing privacy. Gone are the days of the executive corner office hogging all the views!

sky light
Skylights and roof-lights

The architects for Deskopolitan’s offices took advantage of the skylights to create a soft natural light throughout the office below. The natural light from above avoids issues with computer reflections and is accessible by all. The offices at Playkot below have used light wells, mirrors and large windows to bounce the light around the workspace and maximise on outside sky views.

M2 Office Interiors Shades and Louvres
Shades and Louvres

As beneficial as natural light can be, the glare of bright sunlight can be difficult to work in. Louvres and shutters provide an aesthetic and flexible solution to south-facing offices. These biophilic blinds installed in PDG’s office refurb keep the glare away with wellness-promoting greenery.

Light absorbing furnishings
Light absorbing furnishings

In the CMARIX office fitout has used warm colours, woods and soft furnishings to prevent glare from the large windows, softening the light but making a feature of the window within the theme.  

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