Acoustic Wall Panels from Fluffo

A Fluffo product has acoustic properties characterised by high sound absorption coefficient. A necessary item for areas which require the improvement of overall interior acoustics. Reduce echo, reverberation and noise.

Turn boring office walls into a statement piece with function and workplace benefits. Reduce noise while simultaneously create are artistic design that’s colourful, eye catching and can be customised to match your brand or existing interiors.

Embrace the fun side of Office Colour.

Beautiful, colours are the trade mark of all Fluffo products, it’s a hallmark of their design ethos. Colour pairing is their strong suit. Most of their colours can be mixed with one another, even the not so obvious combinations match as they have carefully selected colour pallets that are interchangeable meaning colour combinations are endless

The sound absorption coefficient of Fluffo SOFT, Fluffo ART, Fluffo GLASS αw = 0,80; Fluffo FIRE RESIST αw = 0,55.


Always Inovating.

When there is a problem with outside noise penetrating your walls (noisy neighbour, rowdy office kitchenette next to your office) Fluffo IZO: specially designed, multilayer, decorative, sound insulating wall panels, will be the answer.

Fluffo IZO is the alternative to the classic solution – considerable refurbishment, mess and commotion with the installation of an insulating wall constructed from plaster board, insulation membrane and mineral wool; finished with filling, sanding and painting.

Fluffo IZO is available in 5 shapes and 52 colours.

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