Agile Workplace

The way people are using the office is changing. Employers are moving away from the idea that their staff should be stuck at the same desk for the entire working day, and looking at more flexible ways of working.

Designing for agile working areas also brings new challenges to which new products have been created to fulfil the needs of staff and employees. The rise of collaborative workspace ties into agile working. Collaborative workspaces designed well can facilitate team work and creative innovation.

Collaborative Layouts

People tend to do their best work when it doesn’t feel like work. The essence of collaboration is to share ideas. Adapting a non-traditional layout creates a stress free environment and sense of equality which facilitates free flowing discussion and team work. Every business needs to be foster collaborative thinking.

The workspaces, furniture and tech need to be designed with these trends in mind. Businesses that provide a flexible, stimulating environment reap the rewards of staff productivity and creativity .

Lets take a look at the new ideas and ways of working in 2021 and beyond.

Space – Personal space where staff can focus on tasks

Height adjustable desking can be beneficial as studies have shown a change in posture can aid concentration and improve employee wellbeing. Modular storage options can also offer additional privacy in an agile workspace.  Private offices can also be flexible spaces, the addition of a seating area allows quick meetings to take place if required. In the absence of the occupant another manager may make use of the space. Other meeting and storage options include tiered seating spaces.

These areas create a modular space that can be a source for employee communication, meeting room, presentation area, zoom room and just a section of the office people can go to for relaxing.

Whether you are sticking with traditional desking layouts or adapting the more agile hot desk solutions there are a number of options at M2 Office Interiors to suits your needs. Perhaps consider individual pods for staff to concentrate and encourage ‘quiet working’ in larger, open spaces? Where space is at a premium there is the option for open booths. Open booths are proving popular as they are multifunctional.

They can be used as chill out areas, meeting areas and also create enough privacy that video calls can take place without disrupting other members of staff.

Blended style environment

Flexible Furniture

These spaces and furniture offer adaptable design and are centrally located to promote use. Thus, layout and furniture must be able to accommodate all kinds of tasks and meetings attending to the different work styles: concentration, privacy, socialisation, collaboration and learning. Individual tasks, meetings and video calls, lunch break, collaborative work, or team meetings, all of them can happen in the same space.

Modular – let any space fit your task

And finally the Caddy 500 a freestanding and versatile screens on castors which allow the partition of the space into different areas by creating ephemeral micro-architectures. Therefore, it helps to improve the work area flexibility as the Caddy 500 can integrate whiteboards and interactive displays by increasing its own operability. It also offers the possibility of integrating optional accessories as decorative trays.  It becomes a modular video meeting device, scrum meeting area and office storage all built into one slick design.

It is possible to adopt new ways of operating in the workspaces depending on the moment or the necessity. And yes, it is possible to do it when an immediate solution is required. Any current space can be turned into a modular working area with the right products. The Talent is a mobile, foldable and height-adjustable desk system that doesn´t need any electrical connection, designed for multi-functional spaces it hits all the right notes in terms of durability and functionality for todays agile office.

Make the most of the previously mentioned open booths by including the auxiliar table. An asymmetrical table inspired by the nature. It is defined by having smooth lines and a rounded design due to fit into different informal work environments, being combined with soft seating solutions thanks to the different heights. It offers different possibilities of use such as writing or just basic interactive works.


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