Casala Circular

M2 Office Interiors are so proud to work with suppliers that share our vision for a more sustainable office. Casala offer an incredible range of office furniture that consist of 100% recyclable raw materials. Furniture that is environmentally friendly and is built to last.

Casala Furniture has an excellent story to tell within the Circular Economy. The whole collection has been developed on the basis of sustainable principles. We guarantee the take back of all Casala products after a long period of use. This applies both to new deliveries as well as already-delivered Casala products. After recovery, we integrate this furniture into our circular ReFurniture activities. The Casala furniture collection is extremely suitable for the Circular Economy. For all Casala products, we guarantee the recovery and re-use to the highest possible level according to the 10 R levels of circularity, including existing Casala products. View the Casala Range at M2 Office









Within the Curvy and Feniks product families, a number of models, under Circular Guarantee, are furthermore provided with a guaranteed return value. As a result, the new owner is guaranteed a fixed residual value at the end of the usage cycle; the furniture is taken back by Casala and re-used to the highest possible level.


Feniks is a versatile chair that can be easily adapted to different occasions. All of the models in the Feniks family are multifunctional and can be easily used for a variety of purposes. Whatever your purpose, with Feniks you are sure that you are properly seated. As much recycled raw material as possible is used to minimise the impact on the planet when it comes to mining new materials. Feniks contains an exceptionally high content of recycled material, recognizable by the Casala Circular fingerprint.