The workplace can and should be an area that can easily adapt to new situations, the birth of the agile office. In this respect, new technologies, agile methodologies, and the determining factors of the ´new normal´ are also having, and will continue to have, a transforming effect on workspaces.

The ´traditional´ offices have been evolving to quickly become safe agile and Smart working environments.

New use of space require offices, and the furniture that equips them, to enable the distribution and layout to be easily changed around. With remote working taking off around the country as a complement to presential work, traditional offices have become part of an ecosystem that requires optimising and improving space efficiency. Your space should cater to the task that staff have turned up in person to complete, not just the regular day to day work.

For managing desk rotation a key principle to bear in mind is that the right sharing ratio for an evolving organisation is a moving target.

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Attaining the ratio that is right for your team or organisation takes a series of adjustments to be made. For instance, ratios can be driven up over time as employees become more familiar with activity based working and take increasingly more advantage of available flexibility.

Your work space needs to look after people and provide them with the right tools and conditions to unleash their talent and creativity

Sensorising spaces and furniture ensures the right environmental conditions and fosters corporate well-being when it comes to temperature, air quality, density and other parameters that determine the level of well-being of a professional space, in line with the principles of the WELL v2 Certification that Actiu´s Technology Park was awarded in 2019.

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sound design
sound design

Combined with the AeraMax Pro air purifiers are highly effective at removing various viruses and airborne pollutants from enclosed spaces. AeraMax Professional air purifiers should be considered as part of a broader proactive hygiene strategy.


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