Flexibility, the key to Coworking Spaces

Labour relations throughout the world have forever changed in 2020. But with hope on the horizon we can make the Coworking Office of 2021 anything we want, coworking is now emerging as an opportunity for companies and an alternative to traditional workspaces.

The pandemic has made recently remote workers aware of the role that physical and social relationships play in their working day. It is possible to downsize office space and reduce costs without having a negative effect on productivity but there will always be times when an office space is required for some or all members to use on any given day. The demand for decentralised, digital and flexible workspaces, has led to coworking spaces emerging as a solution for many companies that want to innovate and collaborate in external spaces. With a multifunctional and versatile structure these spaces offer the perfect alternative to offices that cannot ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to.

M2 Office Interiors Window Features

Coworking spaces have a number of advantages for your business such as reduced rent costs, flexible payment plans and the chance to work in an environment that encourages networking, teamwork and innovation. In this changing environment and uncertain times, furniture poses as a powerful design tool, fostering collaboration, socialisation, learning and even privacy.

M2 Office Interiors Window Features
M2 Office Interiors Window Features
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Your coworking space should use Stackable and lightweight chairs, such as Whass or Wing; mobile, foldable and height-adjustable desks, such as Talent; versatile office chairs that look after well-being and ergonomics such as Humanscale World; modular screens such as Link that allow for a greater number of configurations; movable office cabinets from Bisley or protective panels, are some proposals for these spaces to change their layout with minimum effort.

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