Neo mint and fresh greens are trending in 2020 interior design.  Take a look at these inspiring office interior examples for your next office refurbishment.

From Mint and Celadon to Celery and Sage, green will be the most covetable colour to grace interiors in the coming months. These new greens bring a fresh and summery feel (think pistachio ice cream and mint cocktails) to the deeper greens of the moss walls filling offices and Pinterest boards worldwide (according to Pinterest, searches for vertical, floor-to-ceiling gardens were up by 287% last year). 

Neo Mint has been announced as Coloro’s Pantone colour of the year for 2020 and is already featuring in many residential interior themes and textiles.  In office interior design, we’re likely to see the shade used more as an accent to convey a feeling of calm within a technology-charged workplace.

Office interiors don’t always follow suit on colour trends but green is the exception, thanks to the move towards biophilic design in the workplace.  As part of the continuing move towards natural tones and textiles, next year’s cool, paler greens perfectly complement to the warmer earthy colours used in the wooden floors and office furniture of the biophilic scheme. 

The psychological effect of green

Colour is known to evoke different reactions, moods and emotions.  The thinking behind Neo Mint, for example, is that it fuses nature and science, serving as an antidote to the always-on world of technology.

Green is associated with the rural world, of course – plants, trees and forests – and can have a measurable impact on health.  Research carried out by Exeter University found that employee productivity increased by 15% in a ‘green’ biophilic office as a result of the boost in cognitive function and emotional stability when surrounded by greenery.

Green promotes calm too, which can be helpful in a high-octane workplace.  Whilst green wall coverings and furnishings may not work as well in an area where employees need to spark creativity, confidence and ideas, you don’t need to leave it out of the interior theme altogether.  Introducing plant-life, for example, gives a nod to the green scheme without dampening energy (quite the opposite, in fact).

How to use green as an accent in office interiors

Because it works so well alongside other colours, varying shades of green are creeping into the workplace in furnishings, fittings and wall coverings.  Here are a few tips on how to introduce green to your office:

Green Walls

  1. Green walls (the painted kind rather than the living walls) and floors can create an eye-catching colour statement in a light and minimal office.

Green Furniture

  1. Green furniture adds a subtle pop of colour to a pale palette and infuses calm to a rest area or reception:

Calming Effect

  1. The calming effect of green lends itself perfectly to contrasting patterns (especially monochrome and grey) without creating too much visual noise in the office:

Living Walls

  1. Living walls aren’t going anywhere. These beautiful vertical gardens complement reclaimed wooden floors and natural light.  They’re easy to maintain and bring nature directly into the workplace:

Neo Mint

  1. On-trend Neo Mint brings an almost futuristic glow to a workspace when used to accent walls alongside natural light – but it can also be introduced more gently in furnishings:

If you would like to discover more office interior trends, download our 2020 Office Interiors Guide for Designers and Architects.


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