Whether you’re an ambitious startup or a small business wanting to make the right first impression to clients and staff, your office interior is important. 

The way your office looks can say a great deal about your company but more importantly than that, your furnishings and space planning can make a big difference to how well your business functions and how healthy your employees feel.

Workplace wellness and office ergonomics are considerations for every business, regardless of size, but it can be a minefield knowing where to start and what to choose for a small office space. 

To help inspire you with your small office refurbishment project, here are a few new trends in small office interiors straight from the latest interior trends shows of 2019:

Flexible Partitions and Glass Walls

Partitions offer flexibility in a small space, allowing businesses to change their office to suit different tasks throughout the day. Moveable screens can create two separate spaces that can easily become one open office again when meetings are finished.

For more permanent separation, glass walls provide a divide without affecting natural light and the feeling of space in the office.

Pop-up Meeting Rooms

Creating a permanent meeting room can take up valuable space in a small office building but with the introduction of meeting pods and booths, there’s no need to sacrifice privacy and collaboration.

Acoustically sound dens from the JDD collection are built on castors and can be rotated and moved around easily in the office, allowing for flexible configuration and pop-up meetings.

Multifunctional Office Furniture

Where space is limited, it’s wise to choose furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The Talent desks from Actui, for example, are foldable, stackable, height-adjustable and double up as a white board for ultimate versatility.

Smart Storage

Smart storage is an essential consideration in the small office and can use up valuable space if not planned properly. 

Continuing the theme of multipurpose furniture, there are now a range of office storage solutions that double up as room dividers, notice boards, presentation suites and white boards, as in this great example from Bisley.

Ergonomic Furniture

From automatic standing desks and self-adjustable chairs to task lighting and monitor arms, the small office can integrate ergonomic working easily.  With recent innovations and incredible design-lead pieces, ergonomic furniture can make a visual statement and save on space too.

The ergonomic solutions from Humanscale have a low floor footprint and maximise on desk space, whilst encouraging movement from sitting to standing at the touch of a button.

Phone Booths

Personal privacy is as much of an issue in a small office as it is in a large office, which is why single phone booths have been featured in many refurbishment projects over the past few years.

In a smaller office, where space is more intimate, it can make it difficult for employees to feel comfortable when making sensitive calls. These streamlined and modern phone booths from Hush provide acoustic soundproofing when needed. They easily slot into small spaces, allowing you to maximise on floor space too.

Fit out firms help SMEs too

It’s a myth that office fit out firms are only for the big projects, they can help with SME office interior design too.

Whilst it’s tempting to nip along to your nearest office furniture warehouse or online office supplies shop to do-it-yourself, office fit out contractors or an office fit out firm can help you avoid mistakes and save money.

These companies are able to offer real economies of scale on the latest space-saving, ergonomic furniture thanks to their relationships with trade and their consequent buying power. And, because they work with interior designers and architects, they can show you how to plan a room and layout office furniture and storage solutions in ways you may not have imagined.

Small office interiors can be just as functional, healthy and creative as larger workspaces with a little imagination and some professional guidance.

If you’d like some more ideas from the latest trends, download the 2020 Predictions in Office Interior Design Guide or contact the friendly team at M2 Office Interiors.

If you would like to discover more office interior trends, download our 2020 Office Interiors Guide for Designers and Architects.


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