Leap Height Adjustable Desk

Leap is an electrically adjustable range of desking comprising of a single stand-alone desk & bench desk both with smart memory height adjustment.

Each user can adjust their own desk height individually via the standard 2 button or optional memory master control unit meaning you get total control of the desk’s height at any time.

Safe Operation.

Leap also features anti-collision technology meaning if it encounters an obstruction as it is going down it will stop and retract 2cm. 

No need to worry about impacting on under desk storage as the desk will allows recognises items in it’s way.

The sound absorption coefficient of Fluffo SOFT, Fluffo ART, Fluffo GLASS αw = 0,80; Fluffo FIRE RESIST αw = 0,55.


Health Benefits.

Standing just 15 min per hour provides great health benefits.

Continuously moving between sitting and standing throughout the day can help with poor circulation, brain activity, back pain and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

m2 office interiors leap desk
m2 office interiors leap desk
m2 office interiors leap desk

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