Looking to get your office refurbished in the new year? M2 Office provide a full turnkey service, let us take care of your office fitout while you continue to do your day to day duties.


Have a Plan

If you have events coming up or need to use a specific area by a certain date then the build should start with this section. We will work with you to see what the priorities are and what is the best course of action to keep your business functioning.  

Zone Off Areas to be Completed

If you are doing a whole office fit out we recommend completed the job in sections, this will allow for you to continue working from the most part in the building. We will work with your schedule so that you are fully aware and are given prior notice to areas that will be inaccessible.


Remote Working

2020 brought with it a number of challenges for businesses and the workplace but one advantage is that many of us are now capable of complete our tasks from the comfort of our own home. If your staff have the option and capabilities to work from home then this is a great option when the office fitout is taking place. Staff can then be brought back in as each phase is complete.

Plan Days and Meetings In Advance

For times when the office space is needed simply let your staff and us know what you need to accomplish, and we can make sure we don’t interfere with your workday.


We’re seeing a lot of changes to office layouts in 2021 and can’t wait to get started but if you have a project in mind and want to talk to a planning and design expert then don’t hesitate to contact us on (061) 303 666 | (01) 6111 025 | sales@m2.ie. We operate nationwide and across Europe.

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