Moving Walls – the key to the agile office

With products from Moving Walls workspaces can be changed into inspiring and modern collaboration zones, the workplace will be forever changed but safe collaboration can still take place in a modular space. Transform your meetings into a multifunctional and flexible area where ideas can flow with a creative atmosphere.

Moving Walls – the key to the agile office

Design Thinking Furniture Set

Perfect for responsive and innovative project spaces.

The Design Thinking Set by Moving Walls consists of high-quality and mobile white boards,  and writeable desks. Office furniture can be multifunctional and mobile this range can be easily moved and replaced inside office spaces. Change the creative flow of an area in minutes.

The Moving Walls products are designed for solving big and complex problems by working in groups.

Scrum Board Set

The SCRUM BOARD Set is a selection of multifunctional and flexible office furniture that provides an area of modular and mobile white boards, mobile stools and pro accessories for workshops. Meeting rooms and office spaces can be set up much more flexible and agile with these analog tools for scrum. Improves communication and the team work of project organisation safely with modular furniture that can be configured to the task at hand.

Moving Walls – the key to the agile office

Kanban Board Set

The Kanban Board Set is a great tool for teams working in agile projects. This set contains high-end physical kanban boards and professional accessories for creative processes and agile methods. The kanban boards are high-quality and mobile white boards made for a heavy use during workshops and agile projects. Improve interaction with physical boards, let your teams connect in a safe environment for the best results for your business and work satisfaction.

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