Office Setup that attracts the right staff

Lets dive into what the workforce of today are going to be seeking in their working environments in the coming months and beyond, to ensure that your office has all it needs to attract and more importantly, retain the next generation of talent within its industry.

The worldwide pandemic has helped change the business landscape for the better. Many of us now have a more flexible work life balance and the option to work from anywhere is a massive plus. Companies can now no longer ignore employee wellbeing and the next generation of workers are really keeping their eye on this benefit.

Companies that support their staff are going to get the most from their teams.

Bring Back the Office that Socialises

There is light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. We will once again be able to have social interactions with staff, your next office should take advantage of this but never forget 2020 and 2021. Plan out open area meeting rooms or chill out zones where work and socialising can still take place with semi shielded booths and pods.

Staff might have even started with your company who have not set foot in your building or spoken to other members face to face, these collaboration areas for work, brainstorming and scrum meetings will be vital for social interaction once it is safe to do so.

The heart of the office should be employee wellbeing

Certified ergonomic equipment. Office chairs and desks that help with your posture, take into account your health and make you more productivity have been taken for granted as we sadly became used to working from the kitchen table for the past 12 months. This is doing long term damage to our backs and its something that should be at the top of every companies list when considering workplace wellbeing.

Office fit out and refurbishment projects going forward need to have an even greater focus on employee wellbeing than ever before. Not just in terms of infection control, limiting illness and the varying factors of physical health, but also mental wellbeing because this too has a profound impact on productivity and consequently, the bottom line.

So, how do you do this? Not only do indoor plants help purify indoor air, reduce airborne toxins and promote better all-around health, plants are more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to plastic desk screens and dividers.

Work From Anywhere 

Remote working no longer just a ‘nice to have’

A concept we are now all very familiar with. The workforce of the future are going to come to expect this as part of their work week. Even having the option to work from anywhere could be enough to retain top talent.

Remote working isn’t something that is going to go away or go back to ‘normal’.

We expect to see more employees adopting a more nomadic approach to where, when and how they work than ever so it’s vital that employer’s facilitate this desired level of choice and control that many have now become so accustomed to. An office fit out will need to factor in high standard video tools and spaces for multiple video meetings to take place. This will allow working in the office or teams at home to operate seamlessly. All your collaboration furniture should be modular, meaning areas can adapt and furniture moved to fit their required tasks.