Personal Storage and the Open Plan Office

Office layouts are changing, open plan is adapting and so is personal storage. 

The open plan office needs to become smarter, more dynamic and have suitable storage space for staff. Modular furniture will be the key to open plan success but with all this moving around what do you do with your personal belongings, files, etc.

Open spaces can pose some unique challenges when it comes to storage. Every employee brings things with them to the office, whether it’s just a coat, purse or some mementos to personalise their workstation. But open-plan offices make everything in the office very visible, so it’s important to have ways to stay organised and give everything a home, people who are hot desking or working part of their week remotely will want to put items away while they are not around. An open plan office means you don’t exactly have a lot of wall space so storage options need to focus on maximising new ways of creating personal storage.

Mobile Storage Unit

There’s a reason so many opt for the open plan design and that’s to give the flexibility of the space to staff in order to carry out their tasks in an adaptable environment. Keep that space free with modular mobile storage options designed to offer ingenious solutions to the filing and storage requirements of daily work.

Mobile Pedestals from Actiu can be used as desk height supports, mobile storage and seating solutions for brainstorming sessions or traditional under desk personal storage. Get creative with your space. M2 Office Interiors can help turn any area into a thriving idea hub with multifunctional storage solutions.


personal storage lockers
personal storage lockers
personal storage lockers


Hybrid working isn’t going away. Many staff will return to the office in some capacity and with hot desking becoming more popular you will need to provide areas where they can store their belongings. Lockers are now a necessity in any office design. Thankfully there are some great options out there for those who want to incorporate lockers into the open plan office while maintaining the aesthetic value of the core design. Options from Bisley, Actiu and Quadrifoglio provide robust secure options with an emphasis on customisation.


Embracing an open office doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to shelving and storage. Shelving can add valuable storage space and create space definition for different areas around the office. Many styles of shelving were designed to be placed along a wall, but that doesn’t have to be an issue in an open plan office if you choose the right design for your workplace making it a functional focal point of office design.

personal storage shelves

Storage Dividers

Open plan is great, it leads to collaboration and improves workflow but dividers are necessary when you are taking a video call or working on highly sensitive data. This is a great opportunity to solve two problems with one product, use storage solutions to create a desk divider that also operates as an area for personal storage and filing. This layout format is perfect for areas such as call centres where a large number of staff need to make regular calls but don’t want to intrude on the tasks of others.

Get the perfect combination of connected spaces with integrated furniture and storage solution, which connects people and the workspace. Create environments within the open plan office that inspire performance and create division without separation. Supports multiple possibilities in the workplace with an agile and adaptable storage solution. Make that divider work for you and have a dual purpose in the office for both storage and to create a separate working area.

personal storage
storage divider

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