Room-in-room modules

There are so many open plan office spaces looking for ways to safely bring at least some staff back to the workplace. A safe and modular way of doing this is the room within a room. The cube from sedus is an incredible product as it solves this problem without compromising on comfort and style.

The cube is the rapid response for creating new spaces. The new office cube from Sedus has set new standards in terms of assembly, acoustics and atmosphere.

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A new dimension in shared workspace

The cube four walls make it so that ideas and productivity can truly unfold. Smart furnishings are fundamental in an office landscape where space is at a premium and has to be used efficiently. Proximity between different workstations enables ideal communication and cooperation. The cube has a bright design and large glass surfaces, it creates transparency so users aren’t entirely isolated. Be apart of the office without being in the whole office.

The design variants and details of the room module complement the modern office perfectly.

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