The message was clear throughout the furniture fairs and shows of 2019: an office designed without considering ergonomics, wellness, diversity and sustainability is not one that fits in 2020 and beyond. This development is even more important when you consider the current world situation. The office needs to be somewhere that people can feel safe, comfortable and looked after when they put in a day’s work.

One of the main pillars for achieving this goal is ergonomic solutions.

Office ergonomics now considers much more than the employee’s workstation. The Interior Designer must now look to movement, lighting, air quality, sound and mind – the entire psychological and physical impact of the office environment.

With that expanded brief comes the opportunity to truly innovate with office furnishings.




  • Height-adjustable sit/stand desks, like the Actiu Mobility Desk, which has been based on extensive studies into occupational health.
  • Self-adjustable office chairs, like the automatic, weight-sensitive Humanscale Smart Chair, which mould around the body.
  • Acoustic panels, booths or pods for privacy and concentration.
  • Flexible task-lighting, monitor arms, laptop stands and keyboard systems to allow each individual to achieve a comfortable, healthy position at their desk.



  • Human-centric lighting to emulate daylight in line with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, for improved health, performance and wellbeing.
  • Balance boards and saddle stools (active seating) to encourage gentle movement and core stability while working, to minimise the effects of sedentary working.
  • Air purification, to remove dust and toxic polluters from the office environment.

Business is all about collaboration. Let us help you achive this as safe as possible in the current workign environment. Together we can build the collaborative office of the future. 

With access to over 30 brands, the main Ricoh dealer in Ireland and the only place in Ireland where you can get luxury executive office intieors from such companies as Quadrifoglio means you are in safe hands. 

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