The events of last year have forever changed how we work and where we work. The office of 2021 and beyond will adapt to new ways of working and this will only benefit design, productivity and employee wellness. If you are changing your space to fit with the office environment of 2021 here are a few things at M2 Office Interiors we think you should consider:

m2 office interiors
m2 office interiors

Location and Size

Yes going forward more and more people are going to work from home but we are likely heading towards a shared workspace or alternating between days in the office and days working from home. It’s important to consider both the location and size when moving office. Maybe this current worldwide situation means you can consider a more affordable remote location instead of a city centre building where office space is at a premium. You may have a large number of staff that are happy to work form home but you will still require space for them on the occasions they are needed in the office. Always remember to factor in modular furniture for these occasions and where it will go.

Who are your Team?

How your teams work together will determine how you plan, design and furnish your new workspace. This will differ from business to business but if you are for example a collaborative bunch you will need to factor in furniture that can adapt to situations as it happens, spaces for zoom call, furniture that can move or multiple large meeting areas for collaboration to flourish safely.

If your business has a large number of individual workers you will also need to consider a space where they can be kept away from noise levels, have the privacy needed to carry out their work and focus on the task at hand. This area should not be owned by one staff member, it should be a space where staff can book in their time depending on if they are office based for a day or two and can then be sanitised for the next wave of tasks and employees.

Whatever your company culture or approach to work, you need to support and facilitate this through the working environment and physical space you provide.

Relocation Relocation Relocation Partner

Work with a relocation partner you can trust. Like we mentioned before, maybe a city centre premises is no longer necessary but that doesn’t mean you move everyone to such a remote location that it becomes difficult to get to. You still want to be near the main transport routes and have amenities near by but with many staff working from home and happy to commute two days a week then its possible to consider locations that would have once been off the table, Limerick has a wealth of office space completed and in production, as does Galway and Cork. Dublin will always be the main hub of Irish business but if you are looking to save while improving your staff’s facilities then there really hasn’t been a better time to consider other locations.

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