Designs that Encourage Wellbeing

The office is for collaboration

Workplace law is always changing, for example workers now have the right to request to work from home. The Government made this decision based on practicality, the fact that we are currently in a pandemic and to encourage workplace wellness. Wellness is something every business should be focusing on as a worker who feels valued, refreshed and rested is a productive staff member. Which is why Designs that Encourage Wellbeing is crucial in todays working world .


Interestingly we are seeing a huge shift in what our customers are asking for. Companies have accepted the hybrid model as the new standard therefore when staff are in the office the main focus of their workday is on collaboration and socializing. Instead of just focusing on air quality, lighting and making sure nontoxic products are used we are also building and designing spaces where teams look forward to coming together.

A great way to bring teams together without disturbing the whole office

For those rocking the open plan design but want to create a collaborative space there are so many options such as the room-in-room systems from Sedus The sophisticated room-in-room system se:cube max complements the se:cube product family and offers large retreats for meetings, workshops and video conferences. Packed with features and a great way to bring teams together without disturbing the whole office. View the Sedus Range at M2 Office

Developed for use within an Agile Environment.

The Tryst sofas and armchairs range is a versatile collection of high and low back soft seating options offering different levels of visual and acoustic privacy. Configuration options are endless, from styles to shape you can customize this sofas to fit your condition. Developed for use within an agile environment, Tryst sofas and armchairs are perfect for socialising and more casual moments of collaboration. Integrated power available in all products. View the Tryst range at M2 Office

Collaborative, Dynamic, Agile.

Make the most of your reception area. Turn it into a collaborative, dynamic, agile space. ZELIE is the perfect reflection of a dynamic breakout space. Its extensive palette of finishes, geometric forms, integrated charging ports and wheels all contribute to allowing the reconfiguring at will of what becomes an entirely unique space. View the EOL range at M2 Office

Design for Wellness

Designers need to facilitate this positive change and be ambassadors for happy and healthy workplace culture. The Office is always changing but the layout of the future will be more than simply sleek design and contemporary furniture, they will be a tool that encourages collaboration and productivity. For more on open plan design see Get the Best out of an Open Plan Office