m2 office interiors open plan design

Even recent events haven’t changed the Irish workforces love for the open plan office. We are seeing a very obvious trend in office design that it will continue to be the layout of choice when designing a new office.

Critics will often call open plan distracting, too loud or too exposed for many employees, fostering a sense of work dodging and increasing workers’ stress. But as we already stated, the open plan office isn’t going anywhere so how can we ensure we use the space in the most effective way?

The main focus of the open office design was to facilitate collaboration, open communication and equality between staff of all levels. When done successfully, an open plan office:

  • Fosters social engagement and professional collaboration, discussions, and innovation
  • Generates a sense of fellowship, culture, and community among staff at all levels
  • Promotes employee equality and increases office wide engagement

Luckily the open plan office design is easy to pull off when businesses are strategic about both their design choices and creating a supportive, authentic culture.

m2 office interiors open plan design

Social Aspect of the Open Plan Office

The social aspect of an office provides an ecosystem of collaboration and a large system of support that will help motivate staff and increase an individual’s overall productivity. A space’s success in providing balanced social, and ergonomics is driven by its design.

The ability for employees to work together efficiently and collaboratively is determined by how the space can support these actions. Which is why we are seeing huge growth in agile furniture options.

An optimised open plan design should offer a variety of spaces intended for different uses that are adaptable and specific to the needs of the user.

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m2 office interiors open plan design
m2 office interiors open plan design

Modern Solutions to Old Problems

Breath new life into the workspace with open plan design and say goodbye to the cubicle.  A focus on the social elements in your space should be adopted, such as lounge seating, pods and breakout areas so that staff can socialise or work in numerous locations. These spaces often include a coffee bar or teastation, so that staff can feel revitalised no matter what they are doing. Everyone is made to feel welcome, and the opportunities for networking mean that relationships are built within our network are constantly being forged.

The argument that the open plan office is distracting are null and void thanks to new products such as office booths, pods and other sound absorbing items like wall and ceiling panels. An open plan design done correctly will take the task, noise, and volume of people into account with acoustic elements installed so there are no distractions.

In the age of endless distractions, businesses must look at how office design can improve employees’ ability to engage in deep work, without shutting down collaboration or spontaneity.

The open office can be an ideal template, surpassing traditional, cellular spaces and outdated corner office and cubicles plan.

Undoubtedly, our workplace will have an impact us. We will feel it. The practice of biophilic design for emotional wellbeing is growing, and the results are undeniable.

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