Crowded workplace, bustling  shops and restaurants or full to capacity live events, there is light at the end of the tunnel and get togethers are no longer a distant dream, public events and gatherings could only be months away. But as more of us head back into the office or take advantage of the comforts that is indoor dining you have to wonder how safe it all is. Is the workplace cleaned regularly, are the tables wiped down after each use and how clean is the air we’re breathing?

AeraMax Professional

Be Prepared For Anything

The Most Prepared Workspaces Have Fellowes Air Purifiers, Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers were demonstrated through independent laboratory testing to be effective in reducing aerosolized airborne concentration of Human Coronavirus 229E in a test chamber, reaching 99.99% airborne reduction within 1 hour of operation. 

Proven Technology

AeraMax Professional has patented sensor technology that automatically adjusts the unit based on conditions in the room to optimise purification and energy efficiency. No monitoring by staff is required.

Systems also have a vandal resistant design. Controls and filters cannot be accessed without unlocking the unit. The purifier filters, housing, motor, and balanced fan are all commercial-grade to hold up to the rigors of public and shared spaces.

With solutions to suit most business needs we are sure we can provide the right device for the right coverage, for example there are wall mounted units such as the AeraMax Pro 2 which is suitable for restrooms, kitchen or small office spaces and there are units like the AeraMax Pro 4 designed for rooms from 55m² to 130m² like conference rooms, classrooms, fitness studios and cafeterias. It’s also perfect for common areas and places where people congregate often. Because it removes up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants, you’re assured a truly next-generation clean of your facility.

A well-engineered machine is quickly let down if using poor filters. The AeraMax range use True HEPA filters conform to IEST 1.5 HEPA Standard which proves 99.97% at the 0.3 micron size. In addition, the filters can capture more than 97.8% of pollutants at 0.1-0.15 microns, based on IBR Laboratories test data.

See the future of air cleaning with PureView™ Technology

With the optional PureView™ Technology, you can watch air cleaning in real-time. EnviroSmart 2.0 sensors continually analyze the air in the room, activating our filtration system when bad air is present. The PureView digital displays continually read the room, showing you the cleaning process, and you’ll get a readout of the percentage of particles captured. Thanks to two high grade laser PM2.5 sensors, you’ll also be able to see the quality of the air as it enters and leaves the unit as well as a real-time VOC level visual.

You’ll be amazed at how fast an areas air can be cleaned.

All AeraMax Pro units are built with 24/7/365 operation in mind. That means continual use. They’re constructed with superior components, high-grade filters and reinforced housings.

AeraMax Professional


AeraMax Professional


AeraMax Professional


AeraMax Professional


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