White is a great and reliable colour. White has a classic and minimalist appeal, however excessive use of this colour could lead to having a negative impact on your employees. 

If the office space is too white employees may feel tired, bored and less motivated. When this colour isn’t used correctly, it can create a sterile atmosphere rather than an inspiring one.

To maintain a lively office space, it’s a great idea to incorporate accent colours alongside white. This combination will infuse energy and vibrancy back into the workspace, keeping your team engaged and inspired.



Red is a fiery colour that can evoke a sense of urgency, hunger and passion. Red colours are often found in retail stores and restaurants. When using the colour red in an office environment it is recommended that it is not used as a primary colour as it could overstimulate and anger employees.



Blue is the most common colour that you will come across in the professional environment. The colour blue is associated with a feeling of calmness and relaxation, which can help promote focus and productivity. Light blues will create an open and bright environment whereas dark blues tend to give a space a more professional feel. Using blue accents or using blue as a primary colour in your office design can create a serene and professional environment.


Yellow is an excellent choice for infusing energy into the office! Yellow’s vibrant hues are known to inspire creativity among employees. That being said it is vital that you first consider the size of the space. In larger areas, yellow can truly shine and create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. On the other hand, in smaller spaces, it’s best to be cautious with yellow as it can potentially be overwhelming ad trigger feelings of anxiety. By being mindful of the space and using yellow strategically, you can harness its positive effects and create vibrant and inspiring workplace.


Brown is a fantastic choice for boosting productivity in the office! It provides an earthy and natural ambiance that can help create a sense of calm and stability. The colour brown is often associated with reliability and professionalism, making it and excellent option for creating a professional atmosphere. By incorporating the colour brown into your office space, you can enhance productivity and create a warm inviting workspace.



Green is a wonderful choice for an office environment! It has a calming and refreshing effect that can help to reduce stress and increase focus. Green is also associated with growth, harmony, and balance, making it a great colour to promote a positive working atmosphere. Introducing green elements such as green accents or plants, can bring a touch of nature indoors and create a sense of tranquility.

Mood boards

Mood boards are great for planning office colour schemes because they help you to visualize different colours, textures and patterns together in one place. You can gather inspiration, experiment with combinations, and see how they all work together before making any final decisions. Its a fun and creative way to bring your vision to life!