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When we incorporate biophilic design into our buildings, we engage our senses which brings us into the moment and supports emotional wellbeing.

Biophilic design can help reduces stress, create a calm working environment. Increase social connectivity with Biophilic Design. This can in turn have a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of a company as it will lead to a more focused, happy and productive staff.

Biophilic design principals in workplace settings, foster a strong sense of connection, sense of order and sense of safety. Therefore, helping staff more easily aspire to the higher levels of wellbeing, happiness and achievement.

Sensory Experience

Biophilic design is all about engaging the senses. Introduce regional physical elements that encourage staff to pause, reflect on the moment, and visually appreciate their surroundings.

Examples of biophilic design include green walls, plants, wood grain design, natural lighting and mimicking natural patterns in carpet tiling, furniture design and placement.

Integrate fascinating designs such as fractals to evoke a state of wonder, ambiguity, and discovery. This engagement will improve your state of emotional wellbeing.

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Sunlight is Key

Incorporate strategies that provide people access to sunlight throughout the day. Daylight supports emotional wellbeing by aligning our circadian rhythms—our body’s internal clock. It will also help sustain the growth of plants and office greenery. It is this reason that natural light is key to any workplace design. Maximise windows and skylights. Use mirrors adjacent to natural light sources to help bounce the light around a room.

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Various Space Types

It is no secret that workplace design has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Part is due to employee and employer expectation and part due to recent world wide events. The result is a vastly different workplace for the better. It is now the norm to have multiple meeting areas, chill out zones and independent workspaces so that staff can enjoy a space and work on a task in diverse locations.

Design for Prospect and Refuge by integrating a range of open and closed spaces that allow for clear sight lines throughout the space. This will provide prospect and a sense of safety.

Smaller enclosed spaces such as booth seating and one-person study rooms with semi-transparent doors are examples of areas of refuge which provide security and comfort.

Check out the M2 Office range of storage solutions so that you can get a look at the basic modular designs that can incorporate biophilic design, storage and functionality in the workplace. Build a bespoke unit that serves all your needs.

Undoubtedly, our workplace will have an impact us. We will feel it. The practice of biophilic design for emotional wellbeing is growing, and the results are undeniable.

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