As every interior architect knows, front-of-house design can make or break first impressions to clients, suppliers and potential hires. It can help set the mood for an entire building and shows potential clients that this is a reputable company here to do business.

But it’s also the space where a designer can unleash their creative flair to reflect the company brand in numerous ways. There are, of course, important considerations that must be made for the wellbeing of reception staff and the comfort of waiting visitors.




  • This should go without saying but, ergonomic reception desk are vital. The wellbeing of reception staff can sometimes be forgotten but being stationed at a desk for many hours can impact on health. A longer, curved configuration as seen in Sinetica’s collection is both stylish and functional, promoting movement and comfort at the same time. A good Receptionist can be the making of a company so lets make sure their health and wellbeing should be a top concern.  
  • Reception areas need to be accessible to all. Adding risers to reception desks for wheelchair visibility is easily achieved with today’s modular furniture from brands such as Edit Office.
  • Comfortable seating is an obvious one, of course, but these pieces can make a statement on arrival. Flexibility is key, and many brands now offer highly configurable solutions that can be moved around easily to suit guest needs. Vold by Edit Office offer a playful range of soft furniture whilst the Actiu Badminton provides high-back privacy chairs for guests who want to speak on their phone.



  • As with the main workspaces, the reception area can offer a glimpse into what lies beyond and should encompass all the must-have and wish-list features from the offices.
  • The front office is the perfect space to showcase living walls, water features, acoustic solutions and innovative ergonomics.

At M2 Office Interiors we work with over 30 brands and are the only place in Ireland where you can get luxury executive office intieors from such companies as Quadrifoglio, Actiu and Sedus. Our Interior Design team will work with you to achieve the workplace that fits your brand, budget and style while not compromising on comfort, versatility and function.

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