Many of our clients are returning to the office with the vast majority aiming to be back on or before October 22nd. We’ve been busy helping companies transition back to this new normal with phased numbers returning to the office or layout designs that will accommodate a return to work for everyone under the same roof again.

So what’s the secret to collaborative working within these new health guidelines? The answer is simple, new office layouts will need to consider social distancing therefore space is still key. Its what you do with that space that has changed, agile furniture, collaborative design and clever use of every inch of your office space is essential to getting back to working together successfully.

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Agile Area

Modern offices are increasingly being transformed into open spaces and are characterised by communicative in-between zones, decentralised work areas and different types of rooms. There is a need for more  flexibility in order to give free rein to thoughts and ideas. The se:lab range from Sedus was designed as an agile solution meaning the entire range was built with moving the furniture regularly in mind. Sturdy but lightweight hoppers for long meetings, height adjustable desks on casters, mobile easels for presentations anywhere are just some of the agile solutions available to those who want to create a collaborative but safe experience at work.

To find out more about the agile workplace, see our blog: What is agile working? 

Space Division

Its rare that a company doesn’t want an open plan design, the benefits are tried and tested. People work better together. We spent nearly two years denying ourselves this basic daily interaction but from a design perspective the pandemic has shown the industry that some division is necessary. You can create this division while not compromising on your office design ethos with the Harp from Connection. Create space division without walls, without alienating staff and while creating a place they can use for shared breakout spaces, private work, relaxation zones and more orthodox work settings.

Harp has evolved specifically with the fluid workplace evolution in mind. Available to configure as an individual workspace or a multi-zone format, Harper can be designed in an infinite number of ways to create a multitude of settings and space division solutions.


Design makes it possible to achieve welcoming, useful and pleasant spaces with solutions for different needs within the same environment. Products make this design goal achievable.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of personal storage going forward but have you considered a product that would combine the clever use of storage lockers and a workable collaborative space? The Bridge from Bisley is a storage and seating area with endless customisations options.

Create an area where staff and customers can meet, work and store their personal belongings as they arrive at your building.

Have an open plan office and don’t know what to do about storage? Read our blog: Personal Storage and the Open Plan Office

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M2 Office Interiors Agile Working

Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Pods are a great way to create completely separate areas within the office for those tasks that require privacy and block out office noise. Take a video call in comfort with an acoustic meeting pod safe in the knowledge that you wont be interfering with others in the office.

Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds, and the enclosed form provides a feeling of privacy. Ensuring the safety of office space use is essential. Hush booths have anti-virus coating and effective ventilation to protect you while you work.


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