Before jumping straight into setting up your desk and computer, take a minute to step back, assess your space, what you hope to accomplish with working from home and plan what your home office should look like. Think carefully about what you need to be productive when working from home. What are the essentials, such as a water bottle or your cup(s) of coffee. We’ll first look at where you should set up your home office. Then, we’ll discuss how to set it up quickly and efficiently.

Where should I set up my home office

  1. What do you need in your home office?Do you work mostly on your computer or do you need extra space to work with documentation?
  2. Does your job take place primarily online?Is a fast and reliable internet connection essential for your work?
  3. Are you going to be doing regular video conferences with your staff and customers?What does your surroundings look like to people on video chat?
  4. Do you have kids/pets at home? Do you need a quiet and isolated place to work without distraction or interruption?

How to set up your home office?

Once you have decided where you want to build your home office, it’s time to plan the space out. Where will the biggest item fit? Once you have a desk area then progressively optimise your space with all the little extras that will make your life easier when accomplishing your workplace goals at home.


Home Office Desk

For a home office desk, we like something simple and minimalistic with ample room to set up our laptop and monitor. Our preference goes for standing desks that are easily adjustable with an electric system. The Actiu Talent. With manual height adjustment, you can easily turn it into a standing desk when you want to stretch your legs and with its mobility it can even be folded and put away if you are tight on space.

instantly improve comfort, health and productivity

Monitor Arms

If you are working with a second screen to your laptop or dual montiors for your desktop then a instantly improve comfort, health and productivity as you get manoverability that you just can’t get with a traditional monitor stand. For those with a sit stand desk the montiro arm is crucial. We suggest the M8.1 from Humanscale. Fully compatible with traditional desks and sit/stand workstations alike, M8.1 meets a variety of configuration needs for single monitors from 6 to 28 pounds or – with an optional crossbar support – dual monitors up to 12 pounds each. 

Featuring innovations like Humanscale’s patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and Smart Stop functionality, M8.1 enables the personalization and flexibility needed for today’s evolving workplaces.

Home Office Chair

For your home office chair, it’s worth investing in quality as this is an item you will probably use the most, an ergonomic chair will play a big part in your comfort at work and ultimately a chair not fit for purpose will lead to a drop in productivity or even injury. Our preference goes to high-end office chair brand Humanscale World. The chair is made right here in Ireland and truly is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. It will keep you comfortable for hours while sitting at your desk and is highly customisable for anyone looking for a particular look.

Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is the thing that will make a big difference throughout your day, its often forgotten but for those working on a laptop, once you use a laptop stand you will never go back. It’s inexpensive and discreet but will make it so much easier to work comfortably.

M2 Office Interiors are working within government guidelines which means a company representative is working safely at home and can help you with any home office queries or orders. Get in touch; we’d love to talk to you on (061) 303 666 |

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