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Element Six – Phase 2

Open Plan with lots of Options

Office design is adapting to a changing world and customer needs. The Open Plan system still works but designers need to be smarter about how they use space.

With Phase Two of the Element Six refurbishment, we have an open plan design that has lots of options for how tasks are carried out. From communal meeting areas to private rooms and Acoustic Booths, staff now have options for any task.

Work in Silence

Have a Private Meeting or Block Out Distractions

Acoustic booths are designed to provide areas in an office that are quieter and insulated from the general goings on of a modern open plan workplace. Using a sound dampening design to provide a quieter work environment that is suitable for confidential meetings, phone calls, and tasks that require complete silence.

It’s clear from our 360 tour that Acoustic Pods are an amazing way of creating division without separation as they also provide a significant function in the workplace. The Acoustic Booths placement in this project means teams can work in the same space without interfering with each other.

Project Management with M2 Office Interiors. Your Office – On Time, On Budget.

We worked with Element Six from initial concepts to implementation. M2 Office Interiors were involved in everything from building partitions and electrics to design and fitout.

Element Six
Element Six
Element Six
Element Six
Element Six
Element Six

Due to the current situation around numbers in the office the company needed to look at new ways of using their space.

Renovation of their existing areas to maximise numbers, distance and workable layout options was designs, planned and installed by M2 Office Interiors.

We worked with the company to create a brighter, more fluid and energetic style to their workplace, a style that now matches their company branding.

With one person office spaces, hot desking areas, acoustic pods dotted all over the space we know our customer has amplified their space to fit their needs.


Clare, Ireland

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