Reasons Staff Return to the Office. According to WKspace who polled 876,470 people in September 2021:

It makes for interesting reading and it’s amazing to see new lines of furniture that have been developed with this information in mind.Office

The Resimercial range from connection is residential décor with commercial functionality that is truly redefining workplace culture in 2022. It was inspired by the ever-changing landscape of our workspace. A collection of soft-seating, statement chairs and tables characterised by soft home interior inspired fabrics, warm colour pallets and natural materials. The Resimercial collective is an elegant and reassuring design style which creates unparalleled comfort and practicality with a stunning overall design aesthetic.

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Companies want their staff to feel at home when they come to the office and after two years of working with home comforts you can understand why.

It is upto designers to create desirable workplaces and encourage both current and future employees back into the office. Employers and designers must understand how to balance wellbeing, motivation, and consistent performance in this growing workforce diversity. Office design is now more important than ever as staff retention could depend on the setting/settings they are expected to work in.

The Noom from Actiu and Ark from Connection are two fine examples of furniture that is robust enough for the office while still looking the part at home.